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Ramsay Marine is your Complete Marine Service Provider. Located on the eastern Seaboard in South Florida.

Ramsay Marine's sevices include Mechanical, Welding, Fabricating, Machining, Hydraulics, Laser Alignments, Optical Alignments, Piping, Hull repairs, Maintenance, Engine and Generator Repairs and Replacement, Exhaust Repairs and Fabrication, Running Gear, Cutlass Bearings, Plumbing, Tanks, Heads, Sea Chests, Sea Cocks, Through Hulls, Struts, Tig Welding, Stick Welding, Mig Welding, Aluminum Welding, Steel Welding, Stainless Steel Welding, CuNi Welding.

Ramsay Marine provides Mobile Service Trailers, bringing our Marine Mechanics, Welders, Shop, Tools, Craftsmanship Knowledge and Expertise to You.

Ramsay Marine is geared for and insured to serve any client anywhere in the world.

Ramsay Marine is your winning team.

Marine Mechanical Services and Repairs




Ramsay Mechanical Marine Sales


Ramsay Marine Mechanical Services is your one-stop shop for any parts or accessories you may ever need. We deal with every major distributor, ensuring you the best products at the very best prices. We purchase everything marine that you will find on your boat. Some of Ramsay Marine Mechanical Services most commonly purchased items include:

  • Pumps - A/C, Baitwell, Bilge, Engine Cooling, General Purpose, and Pump Parts
  • Cutlass Bearings - Brass Sleeve and Non-Metallic Sleeve both Standard and Metric
  • Shaft Hardware - Shafts, Shaft Seals, Engine Couplings, Shaft Logs, Packing Boxes
  • Exhaust - Complete Exhaust Systems, Lift Mufflers, Silicone Hose Exhaust Components
  • Engines - Diesel and Gasoline Engines, all makes and models
  • Laser and Optical Alignments - State of the Art Technology Achieving Alignments by Telescope or Digital CPU readouts laser
  • Machining Services - Complete Machining Center including Lathe, Mill, Waterjet.
  • Generators - Complete Generator Services: Maintenance, Service, and New Installations
  • Through-Hull Fittings and Sea Cocks - An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Ton of Cure
  • Hyhraulics-Parts-Service-Installations - We supply Hoses, Pumps, Tubing, Fittings, Tanks, Oil, Filters
  • Fuel-Systems-Parts-Service-Installations - We supply Fuel lines, Hoses, Fuel, Racors, Fliters, Pumps, Engine Filters, Plumbing
  • Packing-Glands-Parts-Service-Installations - We supply Stuffing boxes, Packing, Tides Marine Seals, and all the major brands of dripless seals
  • Hoses - We supply all makes and types of marine hoses and will remove and install to keep your vessel floating.
  • Clamps - An important part of your boats hardware and often overlooked, we will supply and install only the best stainless steel products.
  • Controls-Parts -Service-Installation - We will supply and install any brand of manual or electronic controls
  • Metals - We can supply any Metals, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, 316L Stainless Steel, Cooper Nickle, Brass, Perferated metals, Expanded metals, Polished
  • Piping - We can supply any Piping, Steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Cooper Nickle, Brass, Copper, Plastic, Polished
  • Welding-Supplies-Maunufacture-fabrication - All processes Tig, Mig, Stick, Gas, in all metals
  • Filters - Engine, Generators, Compressors, Fuel, Hydraulic, Racor, Gas engines
  • Oils - Diesel, Gas, Compressors, Transmissions, Hydraulics we can supply the grade you need.
  • Transmissions-Supply-Service-Replacements - Whatever your needs we can help you with any brand of transmission
  • Chock fast epoxy resins used for setting Cutlass bearings and Machinery
  • Belzona 111 Multi purpose machinable repair and rebuild composite.
  • Belzona 1321 Industrial Coating for the protection of surfaces subject to erosion and or corrosion
  • Belzona 2200 Multi purpose flexable repair composites.




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